An example of items you could expect to be surprised with in this box, packed according to the season;

- organic carrots

- organic kumera

- organic potatoes

- organic pumpkin

- organic capsicum

- organic or spray free cabbage

- organic onions

- mushrooms

- organic or spray free spinnach

- organic or spray free kale

- organic or spray free mesculn, rocket or salad pack

- organic or spray free broccoli

- organic or spray free cauliflower

- organic or spray free beetroot

- organic or spray free parsnips

- organic or spray free spring onions, parsely or chives

- organic asparagus

- organic or spray free lemons and limes

- organic avocadoes

- organic bananas

- organic pears

- organic oranges

- organic apples

- organic kiwifruit

Organic/Spray Free Fruit and Vege Mix Box

  • If you are in the lower North Island this box will be sent to you on the same day delivery courier.  If you are living North of Taupo this box will be sent to you on the overnight courier.

    We include as many items in your box as we can that have been harvested directily from our own farm, plus a variety from other selected organic farmers.  We harvest regularly to ensure maximum freshness.

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